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LazarLazar is a well-established name on the Bulgarian contemporary music scene. Born in a family of musicians (Mom – an opera singer & vocal teacher; Dad – a folklore performer & lyricist) his interest in music started at a very early age. His performance charisma, natural personality & magnificent voice allows him to conquer easily the attention of both audiences & media.

During his teenhood, he studied in the English Language High School “William Shakespeare” in Sofia. After he graduated with excellent results he faces the dilemma, whether to study English Philology or to pursue his childhood dream – to be a singer. Music prevails. He successfully passed the exams at the National Music Academy and he studies “Pop & Jazz Singing”, where he was taught by the top music teachers in Bulgaria, which gives him a chance to develop his unique talent.

Lazar participates in many concerts, TV shows & festivals. He takes part in the Bulgarian edition of the most popular reality show around the world -„Idol” where he competes with many talented singers. He does not reach the top places in the show, however, that does not stop him to continue the pursuit of his dreams. „Music Idol” gives him just the first step.

Lazar also represents Bulgaria in many festivals and contests. Besides his singing desire, he appears to be a talented composer & lyrics writer as well. He participated in the International Music Festival „Euro Pop Song Contest” 2007 alongside some of the best singers in eastern Europe – Zeljko Joksimovic, Tose Proeski, Maria Serifovic – where his first song „Why”, which he writes and produces receives the award for best music. He also took part in festivals in India, Croatia, Holland, Romania where his participation is acknowledged either with awards from the audience or with 1st place for musical performance.

His 2nd radio-single „Alea” was the song to get the attention of the radios and the media all around the Balkans. After that, he wrote „I’m Alive”, „You’re Not Alone” (entry for the Bulgarian Eurovision) and his latest single „So Far Away”.

„Music Is The Key To Every Door” – Lazar